As a part of its mental health awareness strategy, we engage Punjabi/Sikh societies at British universities. This work involves informing students about the topic of mental health, mental illness, and the various challenges students may face at university.

Importantly, the outcomes of this event involve the distribution of a mental health support card, listing crisis helplines, internal services specific to the university, and external services run by Punjabi mental health professionals.

These workshops are structured with people speaking from 3 perspectives: mental health and faith perspective; mental health professional perspective; and lived experience of mental ill-health perspective.

To facilitate these workshops, we have engaged with external organisations and professionals, including Basics of Sikhi and Sikh Your Mind.

To-date, we have delivered talks at Keele University, University of Birmingham, Oxford University, University of Bristol, and De Montfort University.

Below, you can see images from our talks, including an example of the mental well-being support card we develop for students to take away.