Social Support

We currently support a number of projects which craft spaces in which individuals can speak openly and honestly about difficult topics.

These take the form of Chai in the City, our Punjabi Female Forum and our co-created space with Sarbat Sikhs, Open Minds. All initiatives are designed to try and build social support structures, and encourage the development of empathetic and compassionate human relationships.

Working alongside volunteers in Central London and Birmingham, we have developed a monthly forum for Punjabi men to speak openly and honestly about any challenges/difficulties they may be experiencing. This is being done in an effort to provide a space in an otherwise hectic and perhaps isolating environment. This forum aims to foster an inclusive and open environment where Punjabi men can feel able to discuss any issues or challenges they may be facing and learn about different topics.

As well the male forum, Taraki facilitate the Punjabi Female Forum run by Punjabi women for Punjabi women. Currently based in Central London, this forum is aimed towards those who live, study or work in the area. Its aims are to foster a supportive and open community in an environment which can sometimes be incredibly isolating, very similar to the male forum.

Further to this, Taraki are working alongside Sarbat Sikh LGBTQ+ group to co-develop an open forum and support group for members of Punjabi/Sikh LGBTQ+ communities in London. It is important to recognise that such forums provide an important space for those who may experience negative stigma derived from homophobia existent within Punjabi communities and racism existent within LGBTQ+ communities.

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Chai in the City – London
Punjabi Female Forum – London
LGBTQ+ Group – London